The most common type of roofing materials that will develop a roof leak within the 15 years of the roof installation are: composite shingles with the adhesive backing strip showing; peel and stick synthetic shingles; and 3 tab, strip-match, and triple-ray recycled paper composite shingles. Many of these types of shingles develop a leak during the first year of their life in which they look very normal on the roof, but then will develop leaks within the first 2 or 3 years of life. If one of these types of shingles were installed over a fiberglass layer, they would still develop a leak because of the adhesive backing strip showing.

Now how long will it take a typical person to find and repair a roof leak themselves if they had an asphalt shingle roof installed by a professional roofer? That depends on the type of roofing materials and the extent of the roof damage. If a person knows the layout of the home, they can find the source of the supply of the water for repairing the roof leak. It would be up to the smart consumer to locate the leak in the rapidest manner possible if they do not want to have to wait till the morning after the first snow storm.

The main point in correcting the roof leak in an asphalt shingle or strip-match shingle installation that has a high chance of developing a leak (depending on the climate area and the level of the foot traffic) is to stop further moisture damage to the shingles or shingle and to apply a block or polyurethane layer on top of the surface of the shingles before the damage spreads from the raised shingle location to the complete roof.

Unfortunately, there is no way to stop a considerable amount of moisture from penetrating the shingles through evaporation and therefore it is necessary to submit a persistent price increase to the cost of in-ground videos of this particular type. In addition, most suppliers of these shingles use asphalt Thero-seal backer when installing their asphalt shingle products. This adhesive backing strip is a little more than 1 inch wide and more than 3 inches thick. Although not usually noticeable when the shingles are installed onto a house they tend to be slippery and creates a real safety hazard when walking on the roof.

There are a variety of materials that can be used in a proper treatment process. Exotic chemicals are very dangerous and should be handled by a professional. Like all other roofing materials it is possible for any asphalt shingle roof leak repair to be more expensive than when left unrepaired. It is very important to repair these problems headers with some form of PCV (Poly Roof Varnish or Asphalt atatonics) and then cover with a thick ice and water shield.

All this can be achieved for approximately $1200.00 as compared to the purchase price of the asphalt shingle product and the cost of the fiberglass membrane equal to the purchase price of the shingle product and assuming new construction costs roughly $1200.00 per roofing square (100 sq ft) and the odds of a roof leak occurring is a 45% occurrence per year. It also should be noted that from time to time we do unscheduled repairs on our customers damaged roofs or leaks and after finding out the financial cost of the roof leak repairs we will inform our customers about rays roofs. (These prices do change monthly, due to material supply and demand. For current pricing, contact River Oaks Roofing when looking for a roofer in Hattiesburg, MS.